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    Japanese Sika were probably first brought to England in 1860 when a pair were presented to the Zoological Society of London and exhibited in Regent’s Park. 
    The Japanese Sika is the smallest of the Sika deer. An adult would be about 31 inches high at the shoulder and weigh around 110 pounds. It's coloration reddish brown in spring and summer with lots of white spots. In fall and winter the coloration is darker and the spots disappear. They also have a white rump patch throughout their life and can live between 15-20 years. A large mature buck will have antlers with 8 points and 18-22 inches in length. 

    During the rut or when alarmed, Sikas make a sound that can range from a whistle to a high-pitched scream. Ours will do this whistle when they see that we are out feeding.  It seems to be their way of making sure we don't forget them!
    Sika deer meat (venison) is tasty if taken prior to the rut which occurs in September and October.  The gestation period for does is 217 days, with fawns being born in May and June.  Weaning takes place at 8-12 months of age.

    Sika deer have a bouncing gait a lot like a Mule Deer. In fact, Sika are smaller cousins of the Elk. They have been found to be able to crossbreed with elk, the outcome being a Sika about two-thirds the size of an elk.
    We usually have half a dozen or so extra deer to sell each year.  Young stags are $600. while does are $500.  We recommend darting the deer for transportion.  This reduces some of their stress. 
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We currently have a large mature stag available for hunters.  Please call us for more information.

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