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Between Akards' Baby Jake (B.J.)  He is AKC registered #WS31043404, OFA #ANS-1548G32M-VPI
LGA Ela Del Lago (Ela)   She is AKC registered #WS39267210, OFA # ANS-1645G24F-VPI

 To reserve a pup please give us a call for further instructions.  A deposit
of $500 and a signed sales agreement is required to hold your puppy. 
 Please see the "sales agreement" page for the sales agreement

and further information about deposits and health guarantees.  Use your print icon to print the agreement. 


If you have never owned an Anatolian Shepherd Dog before, please research the breed and feel free to ask questions!  Please be sure you have the time to devote to training your new Anatolian Shepherd. 
 An essential book to have is "Livestock Protection Dogs;  Selection, Care & Training" by Dawydiak & Sims.  Alpine publishing, ISBN 1-57779-062-6
This book and other printed materials can be found at www.AnatolianDog.org

****This book will be included with your paperwork should you purchase a puppy or dog.  We also supply you with a copy of the Choban Chatter Puppy Guide from Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc.****

sell our young pups for a total of $1000.00 (companion & guardian) and $1250.00 (show  & breeding) each.  To reserve a pup in your name prior to breeding and whelping, a $100.00 a
non-refundable deposit is required.  ONCE THE PUPS ARE BORN, we require the non-refundable deposit to total 50% of the balance due to continue holding the pup in your name.  The final payment  is due at the time you pick up your pup.  Pups may be picked up by their new owners at  eight weeks of age.   (Once a pup becomes one year old the price becomes $1250.00-$1500)
SHIPPING is available, please inquire.  Buyer is responsible for actual cost of shipping, cost of a shipping crate (usually $40-$200 depending on the size & weight of the pup/dog),  the fee for the necessary vet-issued health certificate (normally $37) plus the cost of microchipping ($34) and  transportation costs to the airport of $25.  All pups/dogs are shipped out of Dallas/ Ft.Worth Int'l Airport via Continental Cargo's Pet Safe Program unless land shipping has been arranged.  
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